Messages and Tuning In

Life is just wonderful and I am happy for Friday (even though it has been a good week). You have up and downs in life and I am so glad I have them or I would not be where I am in life. Had an amazing dream the other night.. looked it up and apparently the Angels are sending me messages.. It sounds a bit insane.. but when you delve into your dreams and really tune into things.. it is just amazing what you learn and find in yourself.

Overload… however, now Better :)



It has been a very long past 3-4 weeks. I haven’t felt so negative in a long time and I felt like the world around me was falling apart (as of last week). Work has been taking up most of my time, which is a good thing and bad I suppose… It is what it is.. got to get it done. My nerves have been overworking me and I have been telling myself.. let it go, let it go.. for many reasons. Last Friday, the 8th, was probably the worst stress I have had… BLAGHH… Anywho – I worked several hours on the weekend, got caught up, had a great fire with friends and some good relaxation.. Then, on Monday.. It was like it was a whole new world and some weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It is amazing how you can control your mind… I was just so scattered last week, even though I was trying to have mind of matter… It was getting worse. However, with this being said, I feel WAY better this week and will not get caught up in that shit anymore.


On a positive note – We have puppies.. 9 of them to be exact and they are so sweet and healthy. Lainey, my daughter is reading almost fluently right now which is amazing and I can tell a difference in her learning.. Reading has been her weakness, but she is rocking and rolling now. My husband has been lifting me up and helping me with all sorts of things, which is such a blessing… I can’t thank him enough. If you don’t have a good person beside you to help you through whatever life is throwing at you.. A family can easily fall apart because you don’t feel loved. Then, you get vulnerable and pissed at the same time.. and Vulnerability is my husband’s most hated word.. Because as you all know, when you get vulnerable.. bad things happen. This not my case, so just know that.. I am just saying a good support system is needed to lift you up when you are having a hard time trying to do it yourself. I am just free typing, so there are like 1,000 more things to add.. but it feels good to get it out and I am very happy right now.. even last week in all that shit.. I was happy overall. Mind over matter and it only makes you stronger as person and more mature when bad things happen.