Just to give and type a little information about my self is out of my norm… crazy, I know… In this world, people write and take pictures about and of themselves constantly.. Maybe I will be there some day, maybe I won’t. I am a girl that is from a small town in Texas, east Texas that is. I am married to my elementary love and we have a daughter that was born on 7.7.07. She is 7 years young. We are kids at heart and will not be falling in pit of hate or debt, ever! We have a garden, a cool small house, a dog and jobs. We are interesting people, you will never meet anyone like us. We get what you get, we understand what your going through, even though we may not agree, we still understand. I come from a hippie like family if you will, so I never had virgin ears or was sheltered.. It truly has made me who I am and a strong person at the age of 28. Life is good and no matter what, it still is what it is… don’t argue with reality people.

Favorite, I think

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