My New Hobby – Making one of a kind Rings

What do you think of them?

So, I have started a new hobby as I really need a past-time other than cleaning house, eating and drinking wine. I used to write a lot, but through the years, I have narrowed down my writing to about 2 times a year which is nothing compared to every day writing as I used to. With that said, I wanted to start a new hobby and perhaps make a bit of money also.. even though, that is not really what is about. We went to California a few weeks ago a traveled to Applehill Farms. There were several artist up there that had all unique artworks for sale. In this, I came across these rings that were really cool and one of a kind. Well, my sister-in-law, went behind me and bought me one! Needless to say, I was very excited and really scoped the ring out.

My husband and I got to talking one night about thoughts on my new hobby and I told him that I think I can make those rings that we saw in CA… Not to be a copy cat, but more of an inspirational trigger if you will. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it, but I had the steps in head of how I think she made them.

Well, I went to my Mother’s house one night and as all people, there were buttons (at least 10-20 years old probably) that I snatched right up real quick. AND BOOM – My collection started. I collected buttons a few years ago as well because I think they are little tinkers that can be made in all types of things or added to something as an embellishment.

So… My husband for Christmas, got me literally everything I needed to start, which is cool as hell! Yesterday, Christmas afternoon, I wanted to give my “steps in my head” a quick try and BOOM, I did it! I was shaking I was so excited even though it was very simple. I showed my husband and got his feedback (he was impressed needless to say which of course me happy). I then decided to make another one, but do it a little different..simply to see which process was easier and held up the button and bead better. Then, BOOM, another beautiful ring.

I am now officially going to be making these and this is my new hobby – Jewelry making. I am going to be creating double button vintage rings without beads and some with just 1 button.. etc, etc, etc…..

If you would like one – Just let me know (message/inbox) and I will be sure to create you one that nobody else has – On this entire earth