Words of Shane Koyczan

If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror – Shane Koyczan

A wonderful and inspiring writer that currently rising and soon to publish his 3rd book. I have none of them, but will soon.. His thoughts are deep, but about simple life pieces and inner love.

“My first instinct is the same as my second”

We are what we choose to be.

We are what we choose to be.

So, this captivates me. It really makes you think about your life and if you are using it as a crutch or not. Now, obviously, what has happened in our life affects us, but only to a point where your mind either has control or it doesn’t.

When you think back and what all has happened in your life, does it affect your mood? Does it piss you off or make you sad? When people think about what has happened to them and they are not thinking about the choosing of how it makes them feel, it takes over and boom.. it’s a crutch for their mood, how they feel and why they are where they are at in life. This could go on for years and does for a lot of folks.

If you think about those same things and choose not to get upset or mad, then the senses follow through and push the negative aura away.

Practice makes it natural and eventually once your mind has total control of those “feelings/emotions”, there is a very enlightening peace within.

Choose who you become.

Real Everyday Things


So, this site is something that I come and visit randomly… We are human and so small in this big world when you look at the big picture…but, our feelings and moments can be life changing or mind changing within. This website is everyday people who come across things in their day that makes them think… I read these and some I can’t help but tear up to (not in negative way, but it re-adjusts your mind in a sense)… It just shows that we are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit to sometimes.

Please take some moments any day to read some of the small and large thoughts on this site from people just like you and me, that “Makes Me Think”.