Realistic and Optimism – Not be confused with pretending/ignoring just to be happy.

Seeking a realistic perspective is more useful than pretending everything is okay. – In other words, possibly, your current optimism has you believing that the silver lining is the most significant part of the dark cloud, meaning, you might ignore a problem instead of dealing with it in the moment like you possibly should. Be always optimistic, but at the same time, realistic. 

Old Coca-Cola Can

Old Coca-Cola Can

My husband is in the process of re-painting and texturing the old Coca-Cola distribution center and he found this behind one of the walls today… Yeah.. It’s totally coming home with him to add to my collection of bottles and stuff.. Very neat and it is not bent or anything which makes it even cooler 🙂

True words of Lissa Rankin

It’s funny how we argue with reality, wishing things were different than they are. Maybe you’re arguing with the way your parents treat you or how much money you’re making or whether you got the promotion or the fact that you may not have a Valentine this year. You may even argue with the weather. 

But as Adyashanti says, “There isn’t a justified reason to argue with reality, because we’ll never win the fight. Arguing with reality is a sure way to suffer, a perfect prescription for suffering. Worse still, we find that we’re tied to whatever it is that we’re arguing with. Whether it happened thirty years ago or yesterday morning, if we argue with it, we’re trapped by it. We are reexperiencing the same pain over and over and over. Arguing with something doesn’t help us get beyond it; it doesn’t help us deal with it. It actually imprisons us; it ties us to whatever it is we’re arguing with.”

Martha Beck practices a simple meditation. Over and over, she repeats one mantra- “I accept.”

What aspect of reality are you arguing with today? Could you try simply accepting what it without resisting it?