Weekend of Randomness and Content


Yes yes, Weekend of Love… full of friends, life, gardening, FOOD and more… It truly was a good weekend… I took no pictures, oh wait – I took a picture of a scorpion with babies on its back and a wasp that was trying desperately to get a HUGE spider out of the water hole while trying to get the scorpion too.. that’s a FIRST. As far as pictures of everything else… I need to get back on the train for that. It truly a good all around feeling of being content.. which this weekend I was in a total state of mind with. We caught fish, my husband caught 15, damn! I caught no fish, but I caught drunkness. Saturday, we got most of the things for our daughter’s “Pony Tail Princess Dress” birthday party, ate some good Chinese food and came home to play some catch outside, then checked the garden and chilled on the front porch. Yesterday, went Father’s Day shopping, then spent the afternoon with the grandparents. By the way – we make canned goods, which I will talk on more later, but we gave the grandfather, Sam, a jar and we damn near eat the whole thing for dinner… To say the least it was very good and I am going to have to bring him another jar. Our weekend ended on our home-made pallet in the living room with all our blankets, eating kettle corn and watching Fantastic Mr. Fox. Good and random weekend I’ll say.

Friday oh Friday

Here I am work, in a good mood, and it is Friday. We had a good evening yesterday, it was very simple which is always best to me. However, the bugs are eating our garden and we cannot keep them out… literally have thrown more than we have kept… The seven dust is not doing its job, but maybe its the user… anywho.. LIfe is still good.

Perhaps Entrepreneur

SERIOUSLY thinking about going into business…I can see it now while hands spreading “The Conversation Piece”. So many bad ass things that are hidden from not being looked at in so long. This owl picture was my trigger… Made from an artist that watched owls professionally in South America to later write books for documentation. When he retired, he painted.. which is great. This piece has been signed by the man himself and I cannot find another like it to even price it in the least bit. Anywho – being an entrepreneur is in my mind often.

Hello world!

Ahhh, the feeling of control. Throwing my mind on a page sounds so good and I am here! Boy the things I get to open up with, show, share, tell, ask, vent, explain, apologize…. man, it goes on and on. I am happy to be here and release my joy of just being… simple in a complex world. Here I am world!