Society6 – One of the coolest shops in the WWW

For you folks who like artsy cool stuff as myself…. please please go to … It is literally one of the coolest sites on this whole WWW.. The pieces they sale are nicely priced and you can choose any canvas you like (tote, phone case, wall art, etc.) Christmas is around the corner…

A powerful Quote

This is an obvious quote… yet it is powerful because it is so true.. (though many do not tune in so they have no clue). However, just know that I believe the body is a strong wonderful thing as well (as with healing power, fighting sickness, etc.). BUT, if your spirit is bad, your body is not going to result in good things and it will show – Whether it be an aura about you or something that just makes you look sick.

“The spirit is larger than the body. The body is pathetic compared to what we have inside us” – Diana Nyad