Words… good ones.


Be here now. Keep your vibe high. Own your stuff. Be gentle but brutally honest. Believe in a purposeful universe. Enjoy those you love. Erect healthy good boundaries. Expect nothing. Resist nothing. Accept everything. Get groovy with uncertainty. Let yourself expand. Ground. Grow. Get vulnerable. Push your comfort zone. Practice discernment. Value your instincts. Immerse yourself in gratitude. Make peace with impermanence. Dream big. Know that we are all One. Prioritize compassion. Laugh a lot. Love a lot. Stay open to mystery, awe, and wonder. Commune with nature. Have confidence in how big your brave is. Be curious. Have fun. Stay in the heart. Trust guidance. Release fear. Love boundlessly. Embrace faith. Let go.

Word of wonderful Lissa Rankin


Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to always happen, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for the moment. – Even if it sucks, it’s reality – Don’t fight it and make a negative mind, you have to be positive… literally no matter what it is.