Surgery and New Health

Ahh… so I have not wrote or uploaded anything as I have been sitting in a beautiful room everyday healing from a surgery I had on Tuesday. In this time, I have stopped smoking and have been getting back to myself more and more everyday.. I am 4 days post surgery and besides [only yesterday] feeling shitty from the pain medication (which I weened myself off of), life has been good and renewed in a sense.

I had 2 masses removed from my stomach and life could not more grand right now… not kidding.. I am staying at my awesomely free and cool aunt (a person who I highly look up to) and my intelligently minded but simply neat uncle’s (crazy smart folks) house here in wonderful Austin, Texas. Along with my aunt and uncle, is my blessed husband, strong minded grandmother (mam-maw) and go-with-the-flow wise Mom. Needless to say, I have been spoiled with great company and mandatory relaxed  sleep/rest.

It is the small things in life, like right here right  now while listening to music in the background playing through the house, hearing my family talking and looking outside that makes me uber happy. Great folks/scenery/love/feeling wholesome and simple life while healing… grammar correct or not.. I could go on, sorry. This is me and Life is GOOD!… My stomach is healing wonderfully and the thank you’s go out to the ones that have been checking up on me to make sure I am good to go. In my pastime, I have enjoyed my magazines and lovely Pinterest art seeking.. which I LOVE to do.

Here are just a few pictures while I was down of my site this past week… I had to do to take pictures while I was down in the bed 🙂 The flowers are from my wonderful Husband, Mother and Best Friend 🙂