JOYRelease Today: A Good Mind.

Words cannot express my feelings for life right now.. It is weird and I am not even kidding. Riley and I have always worked our asses off and not asked for much from anybody. As I have always told people, as long as you keep your head straight and continue to do the right thing, no matter what (work, personal, marriage, etc).. There is only good to come out. Even when bad things happen, it is mind over matter and your feelings are better controlled, meaning no stress, depression and all that crap. Just got some good news and I am really happy about the situation as a whole. Life is and enJOY it… like.. Really  🙂


Life is what you make it, how you think it and how you feel it

LIFE is Good

LIFE is Good

Cup is filled to the brim and it doesn’t seem like life can get much better. Surround yourself with awesome people (that includes Co-Workers) and watch the magic happen… You work 70% of your life and your home life is the other % for full time workers, so make it great.

Had a summit this week in Dallas, TX and got to meet some people that I have not had face time with, but talk to everyday. They are professionals from all over the United States. We are truly a family and the summit was amazing. I am kind of a veteran where I work only considering I am 27, so man, it feels good to be apart of something so great.