Only Appropriate because…

everyone else is doing it… of course.. talking about the new year! SO, shit yeah.. I am going to talk about it too, but I got some cool facts and not resolution type stuff (even though I have my own I shall not bore you with it). If you don’t know, my daughter was born on 7.7.07 which is very cool to me. So, this year, wonderful 2014 – My daughter will be 7, it will me and my husband’s 7th year wedding anniversary and I will be with my company for 7 years as well. Pretty cool huh! It is to me and I get quite excited about this type of stuff and numbers in general. 

I am missing my 7th tooth, I am 7 years younger than my brother and he is 7 years younger than my other brother. My parents are born 7 years apart… I could go on, but I won’t. 🙂 

Anywho – With the new year after losing my Father last year, I am looking up as I have been and really focusing on some important stuff… Like, health of course and really trying to be a positive figure in most people’s life I come across. Yeah, I got problems.. I am human, but I want to keep the energy alive. I truly hope that your new year is wonderful as well! 

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