Teeth & Dreams

Man.. I know I have said that I am crazed by the mind and how wonderful it really is, but I had another dream last night of teeth that signifies exactly what I am personally going through in my life right now. The overall picture is: 

  • Moment of transition particularly difficult
  • Renewal, giving birth to something new

According to psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung, if you dream about having a tooth or teeth pulled out and you are a woman, the dream symbolizes giving birth, either literally or symbolically such as giving birth to a new self or a project.

Your dream about pulling out teeth indicates that you are becoming more aware of your emotions. As such, it a sign that you are growing into self discovery, even if may at times feel painful.


With the above being said, this is where I am in my life right now and am excited but anxious to see what is to come. I have to be sure to think out my decisions appropriately. 

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