Re-Epiphany – If that even counts as a moment that can happen… It definitely has happened to me quite a few times.. To where, I get in a funky debbie downer rut and don’t really see farther than my nose because my thoughts are taking over.. good and bad.. might last a week or so. Reading things for inspiration is always good for re-setting your mind when your down. Then all the sudden, poof.. a white dust hits you and you are all the sudden available to what is really happening in your life at that moment and you’re like, “What the fuck, Life is great and Hannah, stop thinking like that because it is not necessary.” That happened to me yesterday.. I have been in funky thing and wanting to cry (my Dad’s death hit me kind of hard last week finally after 2 months), trying to figure out why I feel this way (no not menstrual), blah, blah ,blah.

I walked outside to check and see if there was any mail (even thought it was Sunday.. I really just wanted to walk), and as I am walking back down my driveway— The re-epiphany hit me.. Damn, Hannah, look at this, look at what is in your life right now… Greatness, that’s what.. then boom, I am out of my funk and have been since that moment yesterday. It is silly to some, but you have really pay attention to what makes you happy and not dwell on what if’s and all that bull.. even if the ambition is crazy high… What you work hardest at, lasts the longest and that bond that you make with every moment, day, etc in your personal life.. becomes so strong that it doesn’t want to be broken and you see that you are truly happy. I hope that everyone in the world 😉 has a wonderful week and looks beyond their nose and really sees what is great in their life.

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