Watching My Daughter's Life

Growth [ grōth ] –
growing process: the process of becoming larger and more mature through natural development.

JOY: I am seeing my Daughter, Lainey, go through some big time changes right now from being in the young years old (2-5) to recently becoming 6. Her words, messages, thoughts, feelings and all are really evolving and I am taking close notice to her character as a person which is very important to me. She is going to first grade (the same elem. that my husband and I went to along with ALL our families and my best friend, Hope) and this is an awesome step for her as she is growing.. Yeah.. It is just another grade in school, whatever, but to me.. This is a big year and she is excited about it which is a BIG positive. She is flourishing in her childhood and becoming a positive and independent young child that I love SOO much.

Watching My Daughter’s Life

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